Urban Wash Dance Company
dedicated to the exploration of human interaction
married to social and political consciousness

URBAN WASH works with presenters to create dynamic residences for youths and adults providing unique opportunities for dancers, non-dancers, artists, health and education professionals, and members of the community to experience the company in a variety of ways.  URBAN WASH activities have been presented in schools, colleges and universities, museums, community centers, art and dance centers, and festivals.  Some residency activities include:

URBAN WASH is available for professionally presented full-length performances and for less formal events.  The company performs in a wide variety of venues ranging from proscenium theater, small black box theaters, galleries, and all kinds of alternative spaces.  URBAN WASH can travel as a full company or smaller ensemble, presenting shows 30 to 90 minutes in length.  Performances are tailored to your specific needs.

School Assemblies: 
URBAN WASH assemblies and performances provide K-12 students the exciting experience of a live performance with the opportunity to play interactively through movement.  Students are able to experience both the physical dance and the technology applied with live motion capture image, other video technology, and / or live music.  Programs typically last 35-55 minutes.

Adult Classes and Workshops:
URBAN WASH offers classes and workshops to adults with any level of experience.  Disciplines taught include Safety Release dance technique, Contact Improvisation, Creative Movement, Choreography and Composition, and Dance with Technology.  Master classes and Intensive Workshops are available for intermediate and advanced students, which provide a more concentrated and focused study of particular themes and approaches.  We also direct performance labs in which community members or students learn URBAN WASH repertory.

Lecture Demonstrations:
URBAN WASH engages in lecture demonstrations in a variety of settings.  Demonstrations may include video presentation, slide or other media aids, and short physical demonstrations.  Lecture demonstrations are often a good choice for community centers, schools, conferences, libraries, and other smaller public venues.

Pre- and Post-Performance Q&As:
This session provides an opportunity for the audiences to speak freely with the company about our work.  Often mediated by the presenter or an arts professional, topics can range from the choreographic and/or artistic process, issues related to dance, or honest feedback about the pieces presented.

Rebekah J Kennedy, Artistic Director
6838 Yellowstone Blvd., Suite A35
Forest Hills, NY 11375


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